MS 0x00 swimming in a pool


The MS0x00 is our first ANRV prototype. We consider it our workbench and testlab. It consists of several subsystems and components:

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The hardware is partially custom built and made of readily available parts. We're working on a Construction Manual?.


We're developing a distributed, component based messaging system to contain all virtual sensors, controls and even controlling algorithms. The distributed nature of this system enables it to retrieve data even from other fleet participants. E.g. a ship following another can ask the latter about weather data for the regions ahead.

So, what can you do with it?

Sensor system

Need measurements taken out on the water? No problem. Just give appropriate instructions to your ANRV, it will be able to reach the destination, take the needed measurements and get back again. What we're up to do, specifically:

  • Analyse inshore water bodies for "health"-problems
  • Generate precise depth charts - at least for the lakes and rivers near Berlin, where we can safely deploy the MS0x00
  • Update Openstreetmap's water bodies
  • Map out the radiation surrounding Berlin's nuclear laboratory reactor (BER2) (Probably nothing going on there, but still..)
  • Generate coastal 360° views (like Streetview, yes ;)


One interesting thing to do on large areas like oceans is to perform peer to peer networking (or as some old folks remember it: almost UUCP - Unix to Unix Copy). A homebound ship equipped with technology developed for the MS 0x00 can theoretically transport messages from an outgoing ship to the next internet uplink.

Fleets of enough ANRVs can connect together to form meshes on open water. They can be used to relay data, too.

Artifical Skipper

Another aspect we are about to explore, is the artificial skipper. Using the onboard computer as a remote control is nice and all right, but the next big step is to write software to enable the ship to control itself and achieve preset or dynamically computed goals.


One of our biggest intents with this project is to get more attention to and enlargen the community of hackers, tinkerers, amateur boffins and other creative people that are working with maritime vehicles.

Our planet is covered mostly with water, yet hackers only really tackled the lower Atmosphere with fine and interesting drone technology. The outer space has become a - maybe pricey - target as well with e.g. Google's Lunar X-Prize project or even the micro and pico satellites like Cubesats, Tubesats etc.

Now its time to conquer the seven seas and any other bigger waterbody you can find!


We want more (useful!) ANRVs to be constructed, so common parts like e.g. software or sensor systems can be developed more efficiently in a community way. Through centralized buying, a lot of money can be saved on components or even complete kits.

For this to happen, we are building up a community of developers, users and suppliers.

If you want to setup a development environment, please refer to the cloning manual.


We have another interesting thing to do with ANRVs on our mind: Robot races! There has been a steady increase of interest in highspeed boat races in the last few years. We plan to take this to the next level with robotic raceboats.

…this will surely spark interest ;)


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